Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"November 2001.   Anyone looking like a potential terrorist can be jailed indefinitely. Profiling detains people at airports. Meeting vague descriptions and criteria, some people are sent back to countries where they haven’t lived in years. One man, cleared of any terrorist connections within a couple of days, dies after a month in prison while waiting to be shipped home. References to the U.S. camps that kept Japanese-Americans from causing trouble during WWII float in the air. Some wonder why we haven’t learned from our own history. Some wonder what happened to democracy and rights. Some argue that of course we have rights, unless we do something wrong. To be safe, make sure not to do anything wrong. Also, make sure not to be something other."

Thursday, February 02, 2017

in time

after Reginald Shepherd 

someone fell fled stumbled here
detoured her means: she can’t see around corners
beyond her reach, unseen from any side
under represented gap
between, and flowing. if we listen we might witness
a suffocating passage of air, through lungs like water
her language settling like snow
flakes against the palm of my hand, survive
across geologic layers, indiscriminate molecules

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

100 days

Resist Repealing Resist cutting Resist deporting Resist enabling Resist supporting Resist acquiescing Make visible Make known Make loud Make tension Make boundaries Make noise Make alternatives Make spaces Make choices Make clamor Make decisions Make friends Make coalitions Make movements Invest in people Invest in action Invest in accountability Invest in change Invest in hope Invest in phone calls Invest in bumper stickers Invest in not backing down Invest in continual pressure Invest in tangible resistance labor Invest in the idea of democracy that we’ve been fed Invest in uncovering the truth about the democracy that we’ve lost Invest in encouraging others to join in join up take hold get up get out get to work

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

or in an act of terrifying indiscretion without detail or voice and an example of pure insensitive calamity of intensified managerial fortification a single but layered riotous I mean to say anomalous or maybe it is unheard of but not unexpected shocking but not news horror anticipated with a safety vest or, that is, to see a situation screaming in its severity vehement in its discord and consequence unquenchable in its reach and corollary hyperbolic in its gruesome disregard and entirely inscrutable abstruse arcane

Friday, November 18, 2016

it’s like when you go through a breakup and every song on the radio speaks directly to your pain, your struggle to find hope, to look ahead while constantly being pulled back into despair cbc radio sat morning stabbing me in the gut songs like “this ain’t bringing me down” “gonna be a lovely day lovely day lovely day” something heart wrenching by adele  the one about loving life in the city but missing the small town the one about not recognizing the world i live in now