Against a “secret nostalgic horror” that threatens our ability to be in the world (and our own lives) fully, Jill Darling deploys a subtle weave of repetition and revision that allows lyric innovation and cultural critique to work as one ... These poems are deep voyages charting the betrayals and failures we need an account of, in order to honor “the exceptional ordinary” which nourishes and supports our sense of social justice.

    Laura Mullen

A city presents us with (environmental, social, cultural) contradictions, keeps us busy. One clears a space for the body (as have others: hence (re)iteration(s)) and then, and all the while, there are syllables, and as sure as there are failures and lessons, there is song ... these poems singing into disconcerting realizations, resonating with uncertain times, questioning the relationship between present and past and their logics, dismantling and rebuilding (form) as a means of staying in flux, when “there is only one / response, forward.”

     Linda Russo

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