Saturday, October 29, 2005

collage reading and writing

I like the idea of collage. We use this all of the time whether or not we are even aware of it. College is more like how we naturally collect and process information, make connections, etc. Of course any writing is constructed, writing to a single type of structure which includes a predefined organization of thesis-support-conclusion fails to recognize how information is more naturally 'organized' and how this might be apparent in a variety of texts and types of texts than can be considered outside of/in addition to traditional academic writing.

Sampling in music is collage, is recognizing that everything we do say write comes from something else...we use language that's been used before, we record music that comes from sounds that have been used and played before, information swirls and mixes around us constantly and in recognizing that we might apply strategies of collage effectively to our own writing.

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