Sunday, November 20, 2005

about hypertext

i'm starting with:

teaching carnival #1 ( here's the link )

and thinking about hypertext. i don't know who all ("Every one or two months, a different editor (me first) will round up a bunch of links to blog posts related to teaching in higher education.") is writing these (3 installments of) hypertextual essays, but you could link around and read all day long and then some...some links are useful and good and some i guess you could skip over, the basic idea, and then you could get caught and wander around for a while in who knows wheresville having connected yourself somewhere else entirely...the theme: "Teaching Carnival is devoted to gathering select blog entries related to teaching issues in higher education."

anyhow, this link is interesting for example on how much to teach when having to fit too much into an intro level course of some/any kind:

clink here

there are a lot of links, i've not even finished reading through the first edition of the teaching carnival. part of the good and the bad about the web is this issue of information. i could spend my day reading and linking my life away here finding lots of good interesting stuff and finding even more nonsense clicking through page after page of stuff and that wouldn't even get to the tiniest piece of what is even available out there. how is this an issue, or how do we talk about these kinds of issues and how this affects our reading and thinking life, how are we to negotiate where to draw the lines of consuming information on the web, when you find and know more and when to step away? this is relevant simply as individuals trying to learn constantly how to exist in an often overwhelmingly technological world, as students and teachers in a world rich and full of information easily accessible at the touch of our little techno fingers, and as thinkers as we pull some of the insights and contradictions together and try to work through and articulate these.

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