Monday, March 27, 2006

1020 Assignment for week of 3.27.06

Please post this assignment by 5 pm on Friday 3.31

On Monday you wrote a little about your final project issue and how you think you are going to approach that. After thinking about this during the week, and doing more research, write in more detail about the potential scope of your final project.

What is the issue? What is the 'angle' you want to take on this issue (how are you going to approach and focus the topic to be specific to your needs and interests)? Who do you think your audience will be for your 'argument'?

Additionally, what kinds of information/sources have you found so far, and what more do you think you might need to find?

I would like a 1-2 page proposal of your final project posted on your blog. Although the scope of the project is subject to change, please be as specific about the project as is possible. Include any information from any of the sources that you are thinking about using.

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