Wednesday, March 01, 2006

1020 in class and homework response blog assignments 3.1.06

First, copy this assignment onto a new blog post, and then respond. You will begin working on this in class, and finish for homework (by class time Friday) since I otherwise didn't post a blog assignment for this week.

1. Write about the 'Individual and Society' especially in light of the personal and cultural issues we've already talked about and your thoughts on professional and/or academic interests: how do all of these relate to each other? What kinds of connections can be made between all three areas (personal/cultural/professional)? Why are the connections important to think and talk about? Explain in detail and use examples.

2. Continue this for Friday and add a discussion about gender, race, and class issues in regard to professions and jobs. What about vocations vs jobs, and 'alternative' (or outside of 'mainstream') types of work/career? How does college prepare (or not prepare) you for what comes after/outside of college?

In the end, you should have a MINIMUM of 2 thoughtful and detailed paragraphs.

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