Monday, March 27, 2006

1020 Wednesday 3.29 assignments

Respond to these on you own Blogs and I will find them there.

1. Summarize the main point of the Nakamura (p707-713) essay. Describe what kinds of evidence the author uses to support this point. Do you think the author makes her point effectively? Why or why not? What is your response to the main idea you summarized, explain with evidence and support.

(3-4 paragraphs)

I will grade these posts on Wednesday between 10:40 and 11:35am. If you do not post your responses by 11:35 they won't be counted for a grade.

2. Read through the other blogged responses to assignment 1.

Choose 2 posted responses and write a thoughtful and specific 1-3 paragraph response to each of the 2 posts that you have chosen. (Respond to the posts individually with the comment/reply feature)

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