Monday, September 11, 2006

on a day of the week


a.) too much
b.) enough
c.) not enough

been written about sept 11?

how long can we, should we, do we have to

a.) reminisce
b.) testify
c.) re-live
d.) conspiracy-orize


a.) were you
b.) are you
c.) do you plan to be

while the world

on a monday.

fill in any or no blanks at your discretion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There was a musical made about Booth, Oswald, and whoever that guy was who did in McKinley. So I'm thinking the fat lady hasn't sung until she's tipped her horns at this matter.

My better half asked me Monday what the date was and I had to check a calendar. Does that make me a bad American or just an out-of-touch one?

I'd write where I was and what I was doing hours before the towers tumbled, but the NetNanny would cut off most of your audience. Perhaps it's best related over coffee.

Bradshaw and Big are beckoning. Gee, I guess I am out of touch.