Tuesday, July 03, 2007


she runs right in front of the car at the moment i am spitting a cherry seed out the window, juice slipping down my face, no time to reach for a tissue or find the brake quite fast enough. she came from out of no where, like a drunk at the corner of cass and the fisher freeway yelling at no one and stumbling into the street to fight with the hood of my car (last week). this week: wildlife. my metal and her fur collide and then separate in an instant. i slam the brakes just as she looks at me to realize the mistake of her impatience, like the ipod clad pedestrian causality in nyc who knew only after stepping too confidently off the curb. unlike the oblivious urban trekker though, she is down and then back up in an instant. the stop is immediate and skid-free, the hit quick and short, the closest thing to blood shed is the cherry juice dripping from my lips to my new fancy summer shirt. but unlike the drunkard without reflection, she picks up, carries on, goes back to warn the others about their future of impending technological doom.

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