Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gertrude Stein

from The Geographical History of America or the relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind

Part IV

The question of identity

A Play

I am I because my little dog knows me.
Which is he.
No which ishe.
Say it with tears, no which is he.
I am I why.
So there.
I am I where.

Act I Scene III

I am I because my little dog knows me.

Act I Scene I

Now that is the way I had played that play.
But not at all not as one is one.

Act I Scene I

Which one is there I am I or another one.
Who is one and one or one is one.
I like a play of acting so and so.
Leho Leho.
Leho is a name of a Breton.
But we in America are not displaced by a dog oh no no not at all not at all at all displaced by a dog.

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