Monday, January 18, 2010

Lyn Hejinian from "The Rejection of Closure"

In the gap between what one wants to say (or what one perceives there is to say) and what one can say (what is sayable), words provide for a collaboration and a desertion. We delight in our sensuous involvement with the materials of language, we long to join words to the world--to close the gap between ourselves and things--and we suffer from doubt and anxiety because of our inability to do so.

Yet the incapacity of language to match the world permits us to distinguish our ideas and ourselves from the world and things in it from each other. The undifferentiated is one mass, the differentiated is multiple. The (unimaginable) complete text, the text that contains everything, would in fact be a closed text. It would be insufferable.

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Mots du Bugsy said...

To climb over the obstacle with the body's langauge leading the tongue's articulation would provide the needed foreward and foreplay for those words to have their touching moment for the receiver.