Friday, February 03, 2012

we are hardly finishing anything these days. becoming distracted by jesus and whether or not he supports planned parenthood. they help women. blasphemy. they give out condoms. hypocrisy. they talk to teens who have nowhere else to go. sin sin sin. the babies will save us. or be the end of us. what do you care megachurch with your money and your fancy pop music? the babies I’m talking about are metaphorical or sometimes not babies at all. the students know this, at least until they are not students any longer. how many millions did you make last year and did you declare it on your taxes? most of my tax money helps fund this country. if you don’t pay taxes how can you claim to support anything. you are in favor of nothing except your own money. what’s in your wallet? hypocrisy? blasphemy? that’s a silly question. rhetorical then. you are a blasphemer. I won’t tell your church. but know this, someone will check your pockets and then they will know. you can’t trade one idea for another when you have already gone on record. the poor people will never wander over to your camp. you are finishing what you haven’t even begun. not properly. but it is better this way. better that we can all see this. you steal ideas from music stars and perform your own image. but your image is incomplete. you don’t even know who sang that song. and apparently you didn’t even listen to the lyrics. since you’ve never struggled or overcome anything.  freedom is another word for nothing left to lose. ok, well that’s a different song, of course. one decade or another. at this point S would say I am on a box. soapy. my own soap opera (since I auditioned for all of the others and no one would have me). fortunately S is out of town this week. well, but I miss her. sometimes I get on the box just so she will reign me back in. next time I hope she will just take me with her whether I protest or not. I do love vegas at this time of year. but I am busy anticipating a political mission. planning implementation. performing in advance the rituals of action. act up. occupy this. stuff those envelopes.

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