Wednesday, March 27, 2013

this thing that i am doing

it doesn't matter what you say about it because i am doing this thing. this thing that i am doing is better than most things that you have done. i have a thing and i am doing it and whatever you say in response or as advice or to criticize or to be speaking out loud with no particular point is not relevant to me. you see i have been working in this direction toward this thing and you have been lounging on the beach. or in your head. or outside of any particular thinking. i have warned you that when this is in motion i will continue moving and you will be left aside still unlearning or unimpressed. this thing that i am doing is beyond your capacity. have you thought about your capacity? it is dismal. and there are not comments enough. so when you say i don't give you comments it's because there aren't comments enough. and your capacity is dismal. so you might as well continue to produce in your way outside of comments or optimism. this is not a utopia. if you already know everything than you can create your own world of rules and stories and work. but this is something else. if it were utopia you would be happier. or i would want to talk to you more. we would share comments. we would both move toward more. but you are writing the same sentence repeatedly. one copy after another. the same structure and vocabulary every time. why did you even come here in the first place with only one sentence? this thing that i am moving toward is layered with many kinds of sentences. short and long with varying amounts of adjectives and expletives. sometimes lovely images sometimes abstract concepts. nothing repeats unless it is utterly intentional. as this thing continues to move even the intentional becomes layered and unpredictable. the unpredictable becomes its own thing. and i just follow that. and make comments. and add new sentences. and take longer walks in every direction. sometimes i cross hills and sometimes i circle around. you have never encountered a hill that you didn't turn away from. and head back. toward your same sentence your one word your single idea. it's hard to say it is what you do best. best is not the right word. but the vocabulary is so limited. what you do is motivate me to do this thing that i am doing. regardless of your childish complaints. and maybe in spite of.

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