Thursday, June 27, 2013

I don't know if you are doing it on purpose because it's acceptable or if you are making fun of others who do it and that is a critique. If it is a critique it's not a very well thought out critique since most people who pay attention to you don't get it. Even the more thoughtful people who pay attention to you do not get the critique angle and say that you are doing it on purpose. That doesn't mean you believe it. But it does mean that you know it's acceptable and the less thoughtful people who pay attention to you will not even know they should be upset about it. Maybe some of them are glad that it is still acceptable because they wouldn't know what to say or how to be otherwise. And if they think it's not acceptable in this newer more progressive and thoughtful moment then they will be chastised for not going along with what is just "entertainment" just "music" just "fun and it sounds good" and you know you can do it because pop culture has no power music does not influence not every kid who listens to heavy metal goes out and eats bats and breaks things and beats people up. Of course not. Everyone who pays attention to you is not going to belittle or control or rape or hate women but women are not bats and heavy metal music is about expressing personal pain instead of directing hate out at half of the population. I say that but I have no idea. I don't listen to Marilyn Manson but I am going to look up some lyrics to find out. The critique is that there is no critique. People who pay attention to you just think it sounds good. And you do make a good sound. Lots of things sound good, work well, seem to move along just nicely on the backs of women... or because women have been put on their backs. Exploiting the acceptance of rape and disengaged sexualization of women or just their bodies for marketing purposes, for audiences, because you can, to perpetuate a totally uninteresting trend that is not a trend but a persistent historical and continuously contemporary thing. You are so popular you don't have to be thoughtful or progressive or better than the cliche. It's boring. You are boring. I thought you would be willing to use your smarts in more innovative ways. Instead it is the same old crap.

...and PS Kanye pop culture does have power.

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