Thursday, September 05, 2013

can you hear me dance. like I haven't danced before. The ringing of incantation the music in my ears the sound of life going on about. It might be said that I have been singing along all this time. There is some optimism somewhere along the road and it is written on music paper. The sound of the text. The resonance of an alternative existence. I have no hope that we will survive the environmental apocalypse that we have already begun. But I do believe in the power of subversion. Other kinds of thinking and practice. Renegade lifestyles. Innovative outlets for creativity and thinking and existing in the world. While corporations and packaging engineers are causing the collapse of the world around us we sing and proliferate DIY entertainment. Music festivals in the woods. Handmade socks. Canned tomatoes. I just made some jam, wrote a non-narrative poem, painted my car chartreuse, took a low-pay job with flexible hours so I could spend more time making beautiful pictures. We are saving cities and riding bikes and creating communities. We are saving our butts and saving our lives. Driving off road staying off expressways moving out of cubicles. We don't have health insurance but we eat organic, set up free libraries in our yards, volunteer, listen to stories of abuse, fight institutional neglect and exploitation, maintain a work ethic in the face of apathy and ignorance, focus on the students and try to keep out the ramblings of institutional b.s., nevermind the lack of resources the lack of respect the lack of concern for quality and thoughtful pedagogy. We are making our way and creating new pathways, opening possibilities and giving hope, continuously thinking about other ways to go about this. If the sun is heating up and the rain is dying down, or the forests are becoming deserts and we are having hurricanes in the midwest at least we can say that we tried are trying want to try to be more human better human to make these moments count for more than counting profits.

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