Friday, November 08, 2013

an exercise in detail

think of the qualities that you would like to include. write those qualities. name them. insert a person into those qualities. make the person come alive. enact embody those qualities. show how that person is this way or that way or how this person embodies the aspects of this thing or how that character behaves when such and such happens. consider the qualities that people have. write down these qualities. imagine that you are a person with qualities that are like the qualities that other people have. show yourself your qualities in a way that show many people acting and behaving and embroiled in situations. these are the qualities that make up groups crowds communities of people.imagine community. where is utopia exactly? what are the qualities of utopia? who has the qualities that fit with those of the people of utopia? think of the characteristics that you have that you would like to give away. think of the characteristics that you want to acquire. are these qualities like inherent or are these add and subtract sorts of practices? are you talking about your own or your character? imagine the character and quality of your invented persona. make these traits speak on the page. create an embodiment of a person. include behavior. include mannerism. imagine happenings. create space. think of every element and put those into action. include community. create solitude or construct crowds. where exactly is this embodied and embroiled imagining?

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