Thursday, April 23, 2015


(You remain loudly in every silence. A rhythm a knock a single tone under the slippery layer of awareness. You are me and not me, an edging an anxiety a brittle fabric a thin covering of confidence. I am this and something else, I merge and sway into layers of distraction and engagement. A turn or twist, focus and disband, the ringing intones the caution of cares to the wind. Your subtle straightforwardness sometimes lost in the haze of continuous present tenses. Your verging articulation imprecise in pastel shades. There is no contradiction but the abstract smearing of color, shades of individual and collective become a chronic movement of detail, a synthesis reflection. And behind the eyes seeking an elsewhere, muted reverberations mingle and rationality becomes a quick second sigh.)

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G. Matthew Mapes said...

I try. I mean, with the distraction and all. Look down here, Jill; I've left you something to consider. A second, and this is wonderful. And THIS is wonderful. Are you engaged? Really: this is wonderful. Thank you. 1, 2, 3, 4, synthesis! (Really, though…)