Friday, October 21, 2005

cutural studies writing

i think i'll stick with using a cultural studies approach to writing
i think we'll talk about magazine articles and hip hop and movies
and we'll read from the new york times and from web pages

i think we'll think about writing in the context of some worldly things
can you write equivalent to five pages from email or text messages, for example?
there are plenty of 'real world' examples
and the the advertisements say that 'wayne state is first class education for the real world' i think that's the quote, but public radio is doing its fun(d) drive and so i'm not listening, haven't heard the ad this week
the point is, we can deconstruct magazine advertisements and then talk about what hip hop is and isn't doing to break through social barriers and constructions of knowledge/power/etc, how it reinforces some stereotypes and challenges others, how it complicates a lot of issues of race, ethnicity, history, music, gender, etc
and movies, like i said, may do more than simple entertain us...

and so slyly we'll write analyses and commentary, responses and reviews and in the end we'll all feel more confident and contented having thought about it all a little more and having written about it all a little more and we will go on about our lives in this way, or at least, after this has been our way for a time.

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