Friday, October 21, 2005

some thoughts on writing and the world

from Writing New Media (Wysocki, Johnson-Eilola, Selfe, Sirc)

just having started in on the introduction, here are some good thoughts to begin:

p2: ‘… writing, like all literate practices, only exists because it functions, circulates, and had varying value and weight within complexly articulated social, cultural, political, educational, religious……[etc] webs…we know that, in our places and times, writing is one of many operations by which we compose and understand our selves and our identities and our abilities to live and work with others.’

p4: ‘Teachers of writing recognize that writing classes can easily decontextualize writing such that agency and material structures look independent. The way school can seem separated from other institutions (the ones that constitute the ‘real world’) can keep the work of classrooms from seeming that it has any value or purpose outside the class or the requirements of a degree schedule, and people in writing classes can for that reason among others…often feel they are writing by themselves, as isolated, separated individuals with no particular social, cultural, or historical location.”

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