Friday, August 19, 2011

rest. resolve to every moment. growing baby vegetation. baby pigeons. fighting over scattered moldy bread. the man next door preaches good tidings and other rants not clearly articulated. praise the sun. point and yell at passersby. local color. just keeping things lively. what else are we going to do. keep baking new bread, on a friday or a tuesday, whatever. when you come this way again we'll share with the pigeons. new bread scraps come out on tuesdays. when S was here we discussed the eventual overthrow. decided to write a story and publish it in parts. a serial commentary. coloring lines of demarcation. from narrative to action. from the poetic line to comic representation. canadian comics offer humor and intrigue. don't tell the consumer, show the consumer. create ads that utilize avant garde art. sell cars. eat more name brand yogurt. drink coke. bottled water made by coke. coke owned miscellany. S and i also decided to head to the mountains. she admitted that in times of complex sociality one can find solace identify with like-minded monks, retired types, the poetically inspired. S said later we could write a long poem as another kind of effort. alternating lines, creating long passages of poetic prose. the poetic image, rhyme, meter, metaphor. we will save the world. save ourselves. disperse love and a sense of sharing communal meals. if we can speak, and respond, then we can love. in the event of antithetical emotions the fractures will keep on slipping through.

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