Monday, November 15, 2010

narrate the space of a line in motion or the shortest distance
between what you say, and then what you say, and then
an anecdote spoken verbatim down to the shoelaces (stars
of every color, sparkles) before she stepped on one, tumbled over the other

from this story to your intention is what i am implying directly, present
future hyperbole, a state of unplanned reason

include characters such that ages and eye color vary, one smart like a stone,
another holding pet scissors, somewhere a gerbil hides in terror from domestic predators
a setting in which situations (tripping, bad humor, emotional conflict) perform educational content, characters lose their footing and fall into awareness or attraction
the distance between an intention and a bleeding wound, lines curve in sand, he tells me she was only 20, a fake promise of a pulse, glimpse an instant possible return

i'm just saying that to scribble any word phonetically is to claim a resistance
to dripping body fluids, outside lines of reason, an instant in retrograde blinks shivers

november turns quick minus desire, flavor of a general understanding when February lingers
the distance in favor of turning from one side to another, completely still, washed clean