Tuesday, March 29, 2011

EMU undergrad English Scholarships

Undergraduate English Language and Literature scholarship applications are all due next Friday, April 8. These scholarships are open to ALL English majors (from any and every program area).

Stop by the English dept office to pick up the application info.

Friday, March 25, 2011

for H.D.

words things connection detail weather
looms like gravity a simile as in similitude
i am like you laugh laugh
we tell the same jokes

do not accept defeat things words
strive to be happy
better words were never

sky sidewalk traffic pungent recall
this time last spring
you were watching the same
episode, joking continuously
like infinity as a concrete material
that may or not have a limit

Beverly Dahlen

from A Reading 11-17

language language it is all made of language. nothing sees it any other way. words and things. “a space beyond words and it is filled with things.” (73)

somehow the writer was a different person writing. the writer did not look like her writing. she may have been fair or dark but that did not perhaps enter her writing. now perhaps there were persons one knew first and then knew their writing later. then there was another person. the person of the writing.

but of course there was the reading also. first one would have been a reader. then one was helpless. then one knew nothing but the writing. as the reader one knew nothing but the writing. then the person disappears. then, and then the writing is all. all there is. then there is nothing but reader, reader of the writing. then we can only wonder at the person who might have been, the someone who was there, now gone, disappeared long ago behind the writing. there, perhaps, once, but that was long ago. the writer may now be gone, dead perhaps. in any case, not there. (86)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beverly Dahlen

from A Reading 18-20

history repeats, the second time around as farce. the third time’s the charm. marigolds banked on a slope as part of a scientific plan for erosion control. I don’t understand you. read up on it: here’s a booklist.


I know this, but fail to comprehend
as usual
the diameter of external circumstances
each layer pressing against the walls of what's possible
head toward the wall, push against it

but how far you can go is another
direction of unknowing
lines marked but
get to the edge and keep going
unless you need to reverse
and look instead

like when that guy grabs the last bowl of soup
and another guy is starving and we all
understand little about

when someone is screaming in your ear
filling in the blanks
like meaning

Sunday, March 20, 2011

do you know how the double standard

works, there are at least 2 things

i don't understand

but you have the cards

each deck layered against

rational reciprocation

do you know that when it is 18% larger

the moon becomes resilient

against whims of selfish aspiration

and I confront your dual concerns

with a complex of painted comforts