Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i will tell him. on my own terms. in specific language. articulate the details.  i will show him. precisely. in no uncertain terms. explicitly. all of my hypotheses. conclusions. deductions. the process of logic. and support. for each point. i make each point with evidence. data. examples. rational explication. calm denotation. i explain to him my intention. my suppositions. my interests in the matter. my projections. forecasts. predictions. lay out my research. findings. supporting materials. i set up an organizational flow of content. draw connections. use transitions. make everything transparent. apparent. clear. decisive. i present him with my results. process plus product. trajectory. time line. goals. procedures. an array of clarity. indisputable. unanswerable. without question.
if she said. and then i said. and we agreed. or had a conversation. argued. a tone of voice. i would say. she would respond. we had this talk before. i tell her. she explains. we sigh. i yell. i apologize. i yell at the dog. i apologize for being loud. she said. in silence. i replied. in signs. if she intended. i would concur.

if you were here. I would tell you purple. if you were otherwise. I would be here. if purple were a name. I would recall childhood memories. if I were feeling yellow. you would return. if you returned. I would be here. if I return. we would meet at purple. if purple returned. we would have a conversation. if I ignored purple. you would bring the flowers. if I were here and you returned. there I would feel orange. if I were orange then I would know you were on your way. if I were on a journey. you would find me. if I met you there. we would celebrate yellow. if purple interceded. we would have a truce. if we draw up the papers. everyone will be happy. if we take another journey. no one will go astray. if we find each other. we will call all of the colors. if we shade our emotions with the pastels. it will rain in neon. if we draw out lime green and hot pink. we can be sure to find a new path. on any new path. we will eat skittles.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Monday Poetry at Noon at WSU

Department of English @ Noon Reading Series 2012: April 9, 2012 
Rob Halpern and Jill Darling

Date: Monday, April 9, 2012, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Location: 10th Floor Conference Room, 5057 Woodward Avenue

Rob Halpern is the author of two books of poems, Rumored Place (Krupskaya 2004), which was nominated for a California Book Award, and Disaster Suites (Palm Press 2009), as well as several chapbooks, including Weak Link (Slack Buddha 2009) and Imaginary Politics (TapRoot Editions 2008). 
Jill Darling is a recent Ph.D. graduate of the English Department. She has published Solve For and Begin with May.

Free and open to the public.