Tuesday, September 20, 2016


an unwieldy misappropriation of scarcity of management one might say quote woody allen or nostalgia-ize for 70s humor the mist of corporate or oligarchic or organizational efficiency operational in regard to standard(ize) or cut out the description that best applies to maximize the rational use of resources swerve from human(ity)(ities) value only in the bottom or top or sidelines recreate in one’s own (business) image wipe the (liberal)(arts) plate clean to re-market a fabricated underdevelopment of lackluster creative expression violently misunderstood one might say neoliberal say trump is a real candidate say too late already signed away lacking vision (can’t afford the inflated price of glasses) the lottery (shirley jackson) was right all along new world value of death entertainment (hunger games) culture put your hands up so we can shoot you watch your blood leak out value a grab for any illusion of holding on to something