Saturday, October 29, 2011

writing/artistic practice exercise

this is a great idea:

a good daily practice, and an exercise in not knowing what will happen, what you will get... write or paint or whatever one piece every day based on something you see/read in the newspaper... try it! I'm gonna.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lisa Jarnot poems for the day

fun Jarnot poems:

Song of the Chinchilla

You chinchilla in the marketplace in france
you international chinchilla, chinchilla of the
plains and mountains all in fur you fur of the
chinchilla of the pont de neuf, selling writs
watches, on the oldest bridge of evolution that
you are, you, chinchilla, going roadside towards
the cares, the dark arabian chinchilla of the
neutral zone with pears, you still life of
chinchilla, abstractions of chinchilla, aperitif
chinchilla, lowing in the headlands in my mind,
dark, the cliffs of dover, dark chinchilla, tractor
of chinchilla, chili of chinchilla, chill of the
chinchilla, crosswalk of chinchilla of the dawn,
facilitator you, chinchilla, foodstuffs for the
food chain dressed in light.

more fun Jarnot poems here: