Sunday, December 11, 2005


sunday is obviously the day to write to the blog. i think about it periodically during the week but am never at or near the computer when the thoughts arise. when i am at the computer i am always in a rush to check email and then get back to the reading of the day, there is always plenty, or move away from the internet and work on the writing of the day for one class or another.

for a while during the semester i spent time each morning writing not on the internet and not for any classes, on the computer but in word instead of blogger, b/c this is the writing that i do that will or may eventually lead me into other writing or may begin a continuation of writing. for the most part though, these morning pieces are pieces and fragments often of nonsense...

here is a sample of something that is more coherent:

"look up quotes and write them down gather words and phrases gather all of the good thoughts and bring them together create and build a world of clever thinking all cited on the page.

"stories and rearranging stories can we or should we continue to tell or create and add onto the real of what may be happening. can we distinguish genres at all even. can you assume an understanding….

this is from 5/13/05 b/c of late i record this writing onto the laptop computer (instead of this immovable corner desk model) on which i am not presently working.

you get the idea.

as the semester has progessed though naturally it becomes more difficult to do any sort of writing or thinking even that is outside of what is next due for which class or another. blogging seems simple when you are already on the email or general internet but there is more to it than that. i am a more calculated writer. thinking time is as much or sometimes more than writing time in the process. that is not to say that i spend lots of time crafting what and how to say whatever. for example i did not think about this post before starting to write, not in detail and not specifically. so maybe that defeats my theory. but i was thinking of another post which i may still include seperately since i have now detoured from that original idea. yes another aspect of the writing process. what i really wanted to add here is that writing on the laptop or in a paper notebook is a space to get away from calculating and constructing, to spend time genuinely on the page with zero thought of not even criticism but the simple fact of thinking someone might see or read what you've written. i don't even let db look at what i'm writing when it is in that context. any sort of censored writing for whatever reason it is internally or externally censored will be different from what happens silently and completely between a writer and a page.

last year i was unemployed for a while and i had time to spend writing and i used it. i miss that, the usual story, making it work into schedules that are always already...

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