Friday, September 29, 2006


The words are in Japanese

Step out of your dichotomy and we will begin translation

1. the words are not the words themselves but representations
of words formerly used as words

2. the words are images of the history from which the language of images

there should of course be a number 3

3. place your bets: sine, cosine, the inversion of any referent
(having never been to Japan)

The story is of a woman, a drifter, only walked by the light of the moon
(having heard this before, again, it becomes apparent)
The drifter is a woman with no language, or no history
Can one have history
without language?

Depending on the time of the moon’s rising and setting witnesses saw her pass
in any weather
nameless to others having never spoken

In the original description the subject is verbena, and its smell
In subsequent descriptions
Or the ratio, dependent on the appropriate angle

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