Friday, August 05, 2011

we love what was this. I mean to say. your obsessive tendency. the way i wash and wax on again off again. sweat on your brow. freckles on my rear. i assume. a cliche metaphor. candor. the analogy is like when you want to get at something and you keep trying. and trying. and falling short. or just falling. every week you do ten more pushups. and I save accident victims. the last time every bone was smashed. the entire car flattened. you told me to practice before recovering. work on coming back from this. you run around the block. I feed treats to the animals. shed sensitive skin. tomorrow more bones will shatter. I am always on the other side of the block. following your smell. never catching up. we circle like this. I wonder when I will develop the upper body strength. the ability to match you word for the meantime, the red lights and the green lights mean that someone is burning to death. in a fire. of blood. I obsess over reentering the scene. death is like crime. viral.

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