Tuesday, January 31, 2012

on, from, after Churchill's Far Away

"I've always liked abstract hats."

hats are ephemeral

"I think what we all think."

"I'm not saying that you can't kill."

"everything's been recruited."

outlandish and fabulous hats the absurd, outrageous hats absurd when placed on prisoners heads, ragged and sad, parading toward execution, not death, execution. but elaborate hats like celebration. e-lab-o-rate. celebrating good vs evil? right vs wrong? depending on sides. or sides of sides. dear Caryl, which side are you on? do you wish there were no sides? have you seen so many sides? created absurdity? without purpose or reason or enough thought? how are sides, alliances, enemies, determined? what does it mean when it comes down to which side the crocodiles follow? the river. the enemies and the others. and their others. dear Caryl, what is it that we all think? i go to walmart. everyone goes to walmart. i hate so and so. everyone hates so and so. except so and so and so who love so and so and their others, or allies. this sounds like a donald rumsfeld speech. you are with us or them unless you are against them or some others. rumsfeld loved his abstract hats. absurd. and completely logical. can speak anything into rational form. on one side there is convincing language. on other sides, passion value or whatnot. convincing language does not make it true. it makes it convincing. constructing truth. confabulation. words, specialized, sharpened tools.

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