Tuesday, May 21, 2013

of and off the page


to understand fluorescence the right way to say
or speak
what the body cannot like a scent
at the peak violence, or predilection, an influence
or management system
organized in the way that spring flowers grow
on urban plots. some specific, cultivated some
like weeds, leftover from previous owners,
remembering landscape


in the ocean
molecules a song geologic history
Ingrid I tell you, voices
resonating like waves
draw lines
sand founders
bubbles disperse, survive
as words on rock
pressed against an aging tide, a poem,
letters imprinted on a tree
pacify the rush.
a bluff a sinking
melody across minutes or
this sentiment livid
like heat across August
blood like screams
held back and distant
scattered like beach glass
and drowning
in cancer memento
a pre-historic era


Ophelia I heard you in the train, your tangles, your roses lament and screech into and out of the station. Blood of insufficiency or rain, a misread sigh, curse of detail, anatomy, politics. I have decided it fits like a metaphor. A glove a leaf a melody. Clarity nuanced like distant sound from every direction.

“a sharp silver glint of rail”

across exterior vibration limbs cross or break
veering according to narrative inclination,
having left you behind, all this time.


an extrication, layering in timely arrangements of speech.
Insert replacement words here.


a story untold, versions
fallen syllables out of scheme
too soon for history

the train in the distance
rain, dissonance
I hear you, imagining
stories out of sort and out of mind
mathematics of failure
what falls
between the gaps

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