Tuesday, May 14, 2013


a siren or a lack of intention, a splatter, like a train wreck or kids on a roll or outside of context, killing, guns don't kill people... like kids or witnesses and a second of noise split there was before; and after, there is only after. you are misguided. an explosion a character formed a limitless series of interrogative statements. publish your dancing comments here. before the trauma repeats itself. but it doesn't repeat it resonates. each emotional fiber reacts unexpectedly in every moment. a turn in the stomach a twitch in the frontal lobe. affects are outward appearances. internal information squelches comprehension like disco pants.  dear elvis dear travolta I am sorry for the intrusion. the repeating effects appear as affect and we all perform. a constriction in the throat screaming at the settled newspaper on the lawn a pain in the back of the neck piercing like needles. fragments of detail on repeat. skipped record. broken volume knob. lather. rinse.

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