Tuesday, February 04, 2014

V9, an unintended battleship

Variegated comes from varied as in diverse as in your appearance is variegated your colors are marked and in different hues, strengths, dimensions. This is not vague, I am giving you clear and precise information, like vita water, sustaining, like the volta in music or in life. Venus is a dog is a planet is a dream I had, in colors, variegated like sounds behind my eyes. And you were there, gesticulating, vesticulate (may or  may not be defined), a coursing through or in complete love. Vernicular is not to be confused with vernacular though it’s possible one word means something and another is a song I once heard. Maybe in that dream. I dreamed you were vernicular and swaying to the tones played like a series of flat notes on the piano. The volta harmonious, enticing. A meeting set according to the length of the musical line. A virtuosic ensemble inspires a strength of dimension that could not have been predicted. Your valvular aspirations will keep the blood moving, like yoga, for health. I’m not sure how many genders live on Venus but its variegated surface, through a telescope, defines the nature of experience for a variety of orientations. I dream in the colors of venus. You sometimes like to identify across shades of color and meaning. Like the volta in music or in life, a curriculum vita, each smallest detail can resonate, changing not just the surface but the lingering of shadows, vague but virtuosic. A harmony of appearances, shades of life. On any planet, the vernicular, like vernacular, becomes second hand. Nature, vesticulate, coursing through a valvular impulse. We dream in song, step forward, the volta, in flux.

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