Monday, September 26, 2005

Peer Review Instructions--By Jill and Kim

Here is our appropriation of the Sommers article as we have interpreted it for use in a peer-review assignment in a writing course. These are general, we might tailor them to specifically suit particular assignments/contexts/etc...

The idea is that students will exchange the drafts of their papers with others in the class. The instructions are as follows:

Writer: before handing your paper to a reader, tell her/him--or write on your paper--any concerns or issues that you would like the reader to address, help you with, or give you feedback on. Specifically tell the reader what you would like her/him to look for in order to help you make your paper stronger.

Exchange papers

-Focus on the text. Ask the writer what s/he wants to say, what the paper is trying to accomplish, and then read to see if the paper is doing what the writer intends for it to do.
-After reading through the text, be constructive in your comments and suggestions. Mark places that need development, ask specific questions and offer specific suggestions that will help to develop the paper effectively. Remember to offer thoughtful commentary of the type that you would like to receive on your draft.

Writers: When you get your paper back, read through the comments and ask the reader to clarify any comments that you don't understand or want to talk about further. Then, think about how best to revise your paper using the suggestions given, and your own ideas for 'discovering' the next draft of this paper. To revise is to RE-SEE the writing.

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