Thursday, September 29, 2005

who am i... writer teacher thinker

definately critical cultural reading closely the texts surrounding bring yourself into the poem into the text become surrounded by the text and then see what it is saying understand where you are related within the text how you are related to the text. i stand back, i observe, i evaluate and analyze. i interact with the text and let it speak to me. break it down, interpret, discover, read word by word, think it through, pull out the parts, and then put it all together understand that there may never be a complete understanding. observe that there may not be particular answers. come to the conclusion that there may be many more questions to ask and keep reading...the printed text the visual media the sounds in every part of our environment surrounding.
does the train roaring by while i try to fall asleep at 11pm change who i am as a person? does delving into a deep and close reading of a shakespeare sonnet change my initial emotional response? (it had better or the new critics will be after me in a second...) what happend when i write myself through a series of LANGUAGE poems vs a series of short prose narratives?

how are we what we write, or are we?

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